Create a memorization card without any difficulty

CardGenerator is a service allows you to make memorization cards online.

Check off what you have learned and aim for progress 100%

You can check what you remember, and you can review only what you don't remember many times.

Fully support SCORM. Compatible with LMS

CardGenerator supports SCORM standards. It can be installed in various LMS including learningBOX.

Create Memorization Card Online

CardGenerator is a system that allows anyone to create a online memorization card from text file.

Let's trySee more how to use

Create quiz by text. Let's convert by web

It can be easily created with a text file.
After creating, just convert on this site.

Equip with Check Function "Memorized"

With a check function to see which one you have memorized.
You can check your progress.

Cardgenerator is available for free at commercial use

Free for commercial use.
Triggered the introduction of e-learning.

Let's create memorization cards

First of all, please try to make it and enjoy the operation.

try to make

Let's have a try


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User Management / Score Management System

With learningBOX, you can create a web learning environment using course restrictions such as [only users who have seen the textbook can solve the quiz] and [users who have seen the class video will be given a quiz].

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